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Investor Inspiration is bringing together our best speakers from 2017 for a live End-of-the-Year Investathon! 6 top financial speakers will be sharing their strategies to close strong in 2017… and prepare for big wins in the new year!

Join Investor Inspiration for a full day of Stock, Options, Futures, and Forex trading with experts like Vince Vora from Trading Wins, Simon Klein from Trade Smart and Alphonso Esposito from Fierce Trading. We’ll be live from 11:30 AM ET to 4:15 PM ET (GMT-5), and every minute will contain investment advice to inspire you!

Our End-of-the-Year Investathon is your best way to trade successfully in the last weeks of the year and set yourself up for a strong 2018… Register today for this exclusive event!

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December 19th

11:30 AM to 4:15 PM (ET GMT-5)

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4 Powerful Ways to Daytrade Today’s Markets

by Vince Vora

11:30 AM

Red-Light Green-Light Money Making Strategy

by Aaron Hunziker

12:15 PM

Generate A Six Figure Income Trading 2 Hours Per Day

by Anka Metcalf

1:15 PM

Live Market Analysis Using Supply And Demand

by Simon Klein

2:00 PM

Swing Trading at Demand and Supply

by Alphonso Esposito

2:45 PM

Small Pullbacks, Consistent Profits

by Tony Peterson

3:30 PM


4 Powerful Ways to Daytrade Today's Markets
  • Learn which stocks are ripe for daytrading and which ones should be avoided
  • Why this one key number should be the focus of your options trading during the day
  • Find out the best times of the day (and night) to place your trades
  • Why market volatility is good for you and how you can take advantage of it right now
Generate a Six Figure Income Trading 2 Hours Per Day
  • TradeOutLoud method explained
  • Why, when & how to trade futures
  • 7 steps to fast track your trading
Swing Trading at Demand and Supply
  • How to identify relevant demand and supply zones
  • How to recognize where big money bought or sold before
  • How to use them to enter high quality swing trades
  • How to profit within 5 days
Red-Light Green-Light Money Making Strategy
  • How to find a fortune in the Forex market
  • Learn the strategy that expert investors are all talking about
  • Discover a trading strategy that can be used even by beginning traders to reduce market signals into two easy-to-read market indicators
  • Red means no, green means go
Live Market Analysis Using Supply And Demand
  • Why you are not getting the results you want from your trading
  • How supply and demand is the key to understanding price movement in any market
  • How to analyze the live markets using supply and demand to find high probability trading scenarios
  • We will analyze stocks, Forex, futures and commodities in the live market – follow along and implement this trading analysis right away to make a difference in your trading
Small Pullbacks, Consistent Profits
  • The key to day trading is being able to identify and exploit an edge
  • The most important fact is not how big of an edge you have but how exploitable that edge is on a regular basis
  • Pullbacks from a trend happen every day in every market
  • Find out the advantages to trading pullbacks
  • How we use the specific tools to determine precise points where the markets will turn and pullback


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Investor Inspiration: End of the Year Investathon

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