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We provide high quality investment education that teaches you how to become a successful trader.

Every month we host live events where you can hear insights from world-class experts in the investment industry (Forex, Stock and Options, etc.). Plus, they’ll share their own tools of the trade absolutely free — just for attending.

  • Meet with our expert speakers (well-versed in Forex to Taxes) during live training sessions each month
  • Sessions are archived for your convenience, so you can refer to them later
  • It’s all free! Attend as many times as you’d like as we feature different experts every month!


Reid Chapman

Director of Online Events

A key leader in casting the vision for Investor Inspiration, Reid Chapman is an advocate for building a strong community of traders with a goal to share in empowering one another to financial success. Joining the site shortly after its inception, when they hosted only one webinar per month, and assisting in its growth to the 40,000-trader strong network it is today, Reid has been making connections and finding the best trading tactics for a variety of trading markets for more than 4 years. When you ask him why he does what he does, he proudly states that he wanted to create a place where traders could go to find scam-free, profit-building strategies almost any trader could use to grow any size account.

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