Chris Kimble

Chris Kimble

Stock Investment Expert

Chris Kimble is founder and CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions, a premier chart technician who’s expertise are sought after by individual investors and financial professionals worldwide.

Chris produces one of a kind, big picture, chart patterns to highlight extremes in price and to identify reversal & breakout opportunities. Tops-Bottoms-No Middles is his objective; greater confidence and improved entry & exit decisions are goals for his clients.

Chris has coined phrases like Power of the Pattern, Eiffel Tower Pattern and Emotipoints to emphasize the importance and impact of chart pattern analysis to the investment decision. An “Occam’s Razor” fan, he believes that investors can often reduce the investment decision down to an asset’s price and pattern.

Chris applies chart pattern analysis to equity & bond indexes, currencies, commodities, sectors and select individual stocks. He often includes an image inside his charts to highlight the theme of the pattern, add a touch of humor and make charts more memorable.

Chris has 38 years in the financial services industry, many of those years as a personal financial planner, before turning to help people as a chart technician. His work can be found on, Yahoo Finance, Zero Hedge, and See it Market. His work has also been featured on Marketwatch, Bloomberg and CNBC.

A down-to-earth guy from Kansas, Chris considers himself very fortunate to have met and been mentored by Sir John Templeton in the 1990s. This experience and 38 years in the industry has guided him to be among America’s premier chart technicians.

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