Hugh Grossman

Hugh Grossman

Options Investment Expert

Hugh is the Head Trader and Trainer for, a company dedicated to fast tracking traders to earn 5% or more per day trading options. His signature Bread and Butter strategy on a single stock, SPY, incorporates fundamental and technical analysis, combined with the psychology of trading. Get full details at

Hugh’s background as an internal auditor equipped him with the skills necessary to assess and accurately analyze markets, determining the propensity of price movements. Then he simplifies the complex to enable you to navigate through the confusing maze of options trading. Notice the simplicity of trading his methodology as he removes the mystery surrounding these derivatives. By keeping it simple, you should make money quickly, consistently and confidently.

There will be no nightly scans, lengthy premarket analysis, complex spreads or high exposure through naked positions. Instead of reviewing a myriad of stocks, you will focus on one single, yet highly diversified and predictable stock. If Hugh’s mantra, ‘one stock, one strategy, one hour a day’ appeals to you, this is where you need to be.

Hugh comes from humble beginnings. For this reason, he remains true to his roots with the desire to help others achieve outstanding gains. Recent accolades describe him as knowledgeable, genuine, inspiring and trustworthy. “In this industry laced with charlatans and frauds, it’s refreshing to hook up with a guy like Hugh,” quoted from a source who recently completed the course.

Hugh’s quotes are a little more direct: “If you want what I have, you gotta do what I do!”

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