Leigh Goldstein

Leigh Goldstein

Futures Investment Expert

Leigh Goldstein went to Antioch College in Ohio and then moved to New York City in 1974 where he went to piano tuning school and learned the tuning and reconditioning of all types of Pianos. He sold and repaired pianos and also at the time it was the very beginning of the personal computing Industry. Leigh became interested in computers after purchasing a Radio Shack TRS80 machine and teaching himself all about computers.  

Having become literally hooked on technology in the late 70’s he went to work for The Computer Center in New York City and learned the retail ropes as he became their store manager. In the early 80’s he opened “Leigh’s Computers”, one of New York City’s first computer video game dealers before the category almost even existed. They sold Atari 400 and 800 computers, Colecovision, Apple 2 and Commodore software and games and supplies.

Having been a musician and songwriter all his life, when the technology to connect music and computers was invented via Midi technology, Leigh added in-store and mail order software and hardware products to connect computers to musical equipment. Leigh’s Computers was one of the first and most well know midi music software mail order dealers in the world and stayed open until 2000. Leigh then started teaching himself the art of stock trading, and as the technology has evolved so has he as a trader.

With over 15 years of trading experience, now trading futures almost exclusively, Leigh now serves as Trade Room Moderator and co-founder of FreeTradeRoom.com and holds a managerial role, “Director of JOBracketBreakout.net” since April 2016, where his duties include just about anything.  He produces educational and trading videos, reaches out with tech support, runs  sales webinars, and is essentially the” go to guy” when a user has a question or something new needs to be done.  Leigh has two wonderful children, Zak and Rachael, and truly enjoys helping fellow trader’s success with the JOBB News Trading System.

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