Matt Buckley

Matt “Whiz” Buckley

Options Investment Expert

Matthew “Whiz” Buckley is the founder and CEO of Top Gun Options LLC. He is also the Chief Development Officer at Black Bay Fund Management L.P. Mr. Buckley is a highly experienced financial executive with decades of leadership and execution experience from the front lines to the front office. Mr. Buckley was the founder and CEO of PEAK6 Media LLC, a financial media company that provided options and futures news, commentary, analysis, entertainment, and up to the minute reporting directly from the floors of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Board of Trade to the retail options and futures trading world. Mr. Buckley personally produced several programs and served as host on the network, hosting two of the most popular programs. Prior to this Mr. Buckley was the Managing Director of Strategy for PEAK6 Investments, L.P. and led the planning and execution of initiatives that grew the firm from 99 employees and $150M to close to 500 employees and $2.5B. In this role Mr. Buckley also oversaw merger and acquisition planning and conducted due diligence of large financial education, brokerage companies, and proprietary trading firms. Matthew’s unique background makes him a highly successful options trader. He applies many fighter pilot methodologies and techniques to his trading such as executing a well defined strategy with predetermined exit points, having a contingency plan, and debriefing each trade to get lessons learned he can apply to improve performance. He teaches traders how to sort through information overload (trading task saturation) to ensure that they have the highest probability of success before squeezing the trigger.
Mr. Buckley is a former Naval Aviator who flew the F/A-18 Hornet for the United States Navy. He flew 44 combat sorties over Iraq and graduated from the Navy Fighter Weapons School (“TOPGUN”). Mr. Buckley has years of experience as a highly sought after executive consultant to Fortune 500 companies and is a internationally recognized public speaker. He has written a book titled From Sea Level to C Level, a blue print for business leaders on strategy and leadership based on his experiences from the cockpit to the trading pit. Mr. Buckley has begun writing a second work that will be about investing basics.

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